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shadow theatre at school


Due to failures in computer equipment we were unable to give news earlier and we apologize for this long silence.

Anyway we fixed it and today we are happy to tell you the whole Acedak team is in Cambodia.

Menu ; rice, crabs and shells

In the northern countryside, the farmers populations are very poor. Almost all of them need their kids help in the rice fields  where additional food can be found like crabs, shells .







We have noticed a  significant number of boarders of the secondary school of fine arts come from these areas.  Therefore, ACEDAK  is planning to turn a large surface of the school’s ground into a vegetable garden. These students will participate to the vegetables’ growing  under the supervision of a qualified gardener. They will benefit their work and get fresh vegetables to add to their daily rice bowl.






The general manager has showed us the location for our project.

Today we are investigating about the best  gardening methods appropriate to the soil and the climax.



Step by step …

The management team and some teachers gathered  to talk about  the difficult topic : hygiene. What would be the best way to handle it ?

The boarders took their fist hygiene class. Indeed they live at school where they spend a  lot of time and  manage themselves away from their families.

In a previous article you saw how the dormitories premises looked like, but it was before, let’s see how it looks after

after cleaning






in front and behind the dormitories


Young talents’ rehearsal

Under supervision of Mr RAM Daravong, music teacher and conductor at the secondary school of fine arts, rehearsal with the young lyric talents and violinists guided by Mrs TEP Kunthearep, qualified piano and violin teacher.

These two skilled teachers are highly  devoted to the school and their students. Their wish is  to organize  a concert attended by a large audience , so that these young talents would be recognized  for their musical qualities.




Hygiene, again and again

Teaching hygiene basis is extremely important for us.

Most students ignore the consequences  of  tons of garage abandoned everywhere, polluting their environment, and affecting their health.  Let’s not forget the fact plastic bags are generously given by the  retailers , sales attendants, etc…. and invade the whole country in no time. A  few cleaning campaigns are being organized, but their benefit seems  too easily forgotten.

hygiene class given by the manager

We alerted the general manager and teachers, with photos taken inside the school, in places they don’t go to.  This was immediately followed by a meeting with the board . Next morning, the manager himself gave the first hygiène class.

behind the dormitories

shower room and laundry place

Although he is a devoted person, he cannot supervise everything and his action has to be followed by hygiene class given by health  professionals. That’s our next    mission and it’s urgent to organize it.

Toys for the needy kids

kindergraten in Siem Reap



The french foundation VMEH   bringing psychological support in hospitals gave us 300 little bears .

They have been given to the youngest kids in Phnom Penh slum and Siem Reap Kindergarten.


A generous support


The old students of the  khmer royal university of fine arts came to our school and brought so many big rice bags for students and teachers as seen on the above pictures.

Thank you for your generosity

Concert at school

Rehearsal before concert performed by the music class’ students


école secondaire des beaux arts

Répétition avant concert avec au piano la formidable professeur de violon et piano avec laquelle nous travaillons au sein d'Acedak

Gepostet von Acedak am Samstag, 17. März 2018

Acedak at the secondary school of fine arts in march 2018

Saturday morning at school

Meeting with the general manager and the board

before walking through the grounds before lunch time






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