Since my visit last october/november , some actions could be done with the donations gathered through :

Library : SIPAR has brought Sinalready 1000 books, and students are more and more numerous to go to this place and borrow books. The general manager is grateful to SIPAR,  and so am I. SIPAR is a french organization, having an office in Phnom Penh and editing books in khmer language. Following many requests, I met the editing manager who took an engagement : SIPAR would supply the school library yearly with 1200 books . This represents a high cost for the organization, so ACEDAK will have to give a financial contribution to further this action.

Today I had confirmation that the secondary school of fine arts has received 1000 books, many thanks to SIPAR.

Data processing : previously there was no computer at disposal for the students. Now 12 computers have been offered par the Culture state secretary. Students learn to use them under supervision of a qualified teacher.

Meals : the neediest kids receive a free meal at school, however there is a list figuring more students expecting a daily meal

Violins : 2 violins have been given to the students. They were altogether 20 students in the violin class  expecting a violin,  2 is not enough, 6 or 7 more are necessary.

Fine arts material : dozens of drawing and sketch notebooks, pencils, paintings, brushes have been given to the teachers . This action has to be renewed. I asked SIPAR if it was possible to supply the library with a few art books, as there is none available.

Ceramic class : clay has been brought for one year and was delivered by a truck.

Medical care will be given to student in August thanks to the french organization SOS CAMBODIAN KIDS .

This organization located in french Normandy is composed of doctors and medical staff. A full team is planning a trip to Cambodia for many actions there in different cities , and one especially to the secondary school of fine arts. ACEDAK is grateful to SOS CAMBODIAN KIDS for the first medical care being given at school .

Sanitary facilities : the president of the swiss organization “LATRINES SANS FRONTIERES “ –latrines without borders – witnessed my disarray in front of the catastrophic state and destruction of the sanitaries. Although very busy, he went to school, and asked for an estimate for reconstructing decent sanitaries.

The involvement, generosity of LATRINES SANS FRONTIERES must be completed by the contribution of ACEDAK and the concerned ministery.