Hygiene, again and again

Teaching hygiene basis is extremely important for us.

Most students ignore the consequences  of  tons of garage abandoned everywhere, polluting their environment, and affecting their health.  Let’s not forget the fact plastic bags are generously given by the  retailers , sales attendants, etc…. and invade the whole country in no time. A  few cleaning campaigns are being organized, but their benefit seems  too easily forgotten.

hygiene class given by the manager

We alerted the general manager and teachers, with photos taken inside the school, in places they don’t go to.  This was immediately followed by a meeting with the board . Next morning, the manager himself gave the first hygiène class.

behind the dormitories

shower room and laundry place

Although he is a devoted person, he cannot supervise everything and his action has to be followed by hygiene class given by health  professionals. That’s our next    mission and it’s urgent to organize it.

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