Our projects

Actions to be undertaken for the secondary school of fine arts

These selections are made according to prior personal observations.

First it is essential that kids don’t suffer from malnutrition and  that they get medical care,. The school needs  a first aid closet and proper sanitation.

A few years ago, at my request, the association CKDS- Cambodian kids dental service-  came to school and checked the teeth of all students. They promised to come back when  they could schedule another visit.

ACEDAK is now trying  to conclude an agreement with an association that will provide doctors to ckeck student health and give medical treatment. At my request hygiene classes have been planned for teachers and students. We don’t ignore wholesomeness causes infections and illnesses easy to prevent.

Previously, hygiene had been sadly ignored . Rubbish  has accumulated in large quantities, sanitary facilities are unusable. Rooms  are covered in dust, dormitories are unacceptably dirty. All kinds of garbage has collected on the school grounds.

Also, much equipment essential for fine arts teaching  is lacking, such as  notebooks, paints. Musical instruments, art books, training shoes, costumes, etc….. are not provided. That means no school supplies at all  for the very poor kids.

Some Buildings, like the small theater have suffered from the monsoon’s violent rains,   roofs need  repair.

Donations will be used in priority  order for the following:

  •  free meals to the poorest students – 30 kids to start with
  • – it represents 20 $ monthly for one student,  for 30 =                600$
  • a first aid closet =                                                                             200$
  • showers/toilets/sink units with well and pump =            3500$
  • hygiene classes  (4 new classes  monthly) *                                 200$
  • sport equipement =                                                                       2000$
  • musical instruments  (violins and flutes)                                   600$
  • repair damaged buildings (estimate pending)
  • garbage containers                                                                         1600$
  • (10 units x 360 liters + 10 units x 240 liters)

* the  total number of classes is 20